Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Winners of the Creative Assignment!

Thanks to everyone for reading during Wednesday's class: not surprisingly, this class embraced the challenge and created bona fide works of literature, which only slightly betrayed their origins in mimicry and satire.  I would love to share these with the world--or future students--so if you feel so inclined, e-mail me your paper and I'll post it on our blog.  I've also been impressed by the papers that weren't read aloud, since any of them would have won over the class and could have been a top contender for the prizes below.  That said, we had to pick someone, so I had the students vote for their 3 favorite works.  Everyone who read got at least 2 or more votes, and the third place winner won by a single vote (otherwise, there would have been a 4-way tie).  The difference between first and second place was two votes, so that, too, came down to the wire.  However, here are the class' winners and I think we can all agree they did a fantastic job of literary mimicry and inspiration: 

First: Dillon Darnell, "The Persuasive Politician"
Second: Cheyenne Counts, "Separation Along the Walls"
Third: Elyse Marquardt, "A Love Unrequited" 

Congratulations and PLEASE come by my office sometime this week to collect your prize!  If you don't, I'll simply bring it to the Final Exam, but that means you would have to wait a whole week--the suspense would eat you alive!   But seriously, stop by...I'll be in my office for most of the day on Thursday and Friday, esp. from 10-12 and 1-3.  Thanks again to everyone and I'm sorry to have to officially end our class.  In my 14 years of teaching, this was honestly one of my favorite classes and one I'll probably remember as I near the twilight years of retirement (hopefully not too soon!).  Thanks for all your hard work and interest in the course.  

Remember the Final Exam on Friday, December 12th @ 9:00 in Horace Mann 347.  See the Exam details a few posts down before you show up!