Friday, December 4, 2015

Final Exam Info

British Literature to 1800: Exam #2 (Final)

BE HERE Monday @11:30 for the exam!

PART I: Short Passages

I will give you 6 passages, each one from one of the works in class.  You’ll have to distinguish the author, the work, and the significance of the passage.  Obviously, you can’t use any of the books in class to help on this part.  Each question is worth 5 points for a total of 30 points.

PART II: Impromptu Essay on Pride and Prejudice

This is a short essay response to a significant idea/reading of Pride and Prejudice. I will give you 4 options, each one highlighting a certain idea that comes from one or more of the critical essays. You will then respond to this question using support from at least one of the critical essays as well as the novel. Here, of course, you are expected to use your copy of Pride and Prejudice. This single response is worth most of your grade, 70 points in all. 

The essays to choose from (and you might want to skim them all, to choose which one you feel most comfortable with) are:

* Nina Auerbach, “Waiting Together: Pride and Prejudice
* Susan Morgan, “Perception and Pride and Prejudice
* Susan Fraiman, “The Humiliation of Elizabeth Bennet”
* Tara Ghoshal Wallace, “Getting the Whole Truth in Pride and Prejudice

Please be sure to read at least one of these essays prior to the exam so you can feel confident quoting from it and understanding its argument.